Dra. María Frank

Country: USA

Specialty Information


  • Hospital Medicine, Board Certification
  • Physician Leadership for Hospital Medicine- ACP/ AAPL, Certificate (2019)
  • Leadership in Educational Administration- CUSOM, Certificate (2018)
  • Leadership in Healthcare Policy- SGIM, Certificate (2018)
  • Teaching Scholars Progrram- CUSOM, Certificate (2015)
  • Internal Medicine- ABIM, Board Certification (2010)
  • Emergency Medicine, International Certificate (2005)
  • Internal Medicine- Argentina, International Certificate (2003)

Associate Professor, Medicine-Hospital Medicine

  • Associate Director, Department of Medicine, Denevr Health Hospital Authority
  • Medical Director, Bio-Containment Unit, Denver Health Hospital Authority
  • Director, Faculty Development and Advancement, Division of Hospital Medicine
  • lock Director, Human Body Block, CUSOM
  • Associate Professor of Medicine, CUSOM
  • Chair, EXCCEL, DOM

Practice Locations

  • University of Colorado Hospital (UCH)

Hospital Affiliation

  • University of Colorado Hospital (UCH)
  • Denver Health Medical Center