Dr. Enrique C. Morales-Villegas M.D

Especialidad: Medicina Interna / Cardiología-Cardiología Intervencionista
País: México

Enrique C. Morales-Villegas was born in the Mexico City. He studied Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and graduates with honorable mention.

He studied his specialization in Internal Medicine at the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition «Salvador Zubirán» and Cardiology-Interventional Cardiology at the National Institute of Cardiology «Ignacio Chávez» became certified by the Mexican Board of Cardiology in 1990 as the first national place of his generation.

By Government invitation, Morales-Villegas migrated to the State of Aguascalientes. In the Hospital “Miguel Hidalgo”, he founded in 1990 the first Cardiac Catheterization and Hemodynamic Laboratory and between 1990 and 1994 was co-founder of Cardiovascular Surgery and Renal Transplant programs and the Course of Specialization in Cardiology in that State. In 1995 by Government invitation, he left the institution and started his private practice. Between 1995 and 1997 in Hospital “Central Medico Quirúrgica” Morales-Villegas, reproduced the same programs who founded in his short government experience.

Anticipating the migration of Cardiology to Cardiovascular Prevention, Morales-Villegas founded in 1997 the Aguascalientes Cardiometabolic Research Center (CIC). In this Center focused on Primary Cardiovascular Prevention, Morales-Villegas develops in harmony with his staff four axes of action: assistance, research, teaching and consulting, briefly described below:


the core of cardiovascular prevention in the CIC program is a free social program that focuses on the detection, treatment and control of modifiable cardiovascular risk factors; on average 3,500 free consultations were performed in 2020.


from 1997 to 2020, the CIC has participated in 100 phase II, III and IV clinical research projects. In order of frequency, Morales-Villegas has been Principal Investigator and National Coordinator in projects of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Coronary Syndromes and Heart Failure.


  • In the CIC Morales-Villegas has written and edited -editorial Atheros- the following eleven books: «Endocardiocrinoloy»-2005-,
  • «Statins, Atherothrombosis and Pleiotropism»-2008-,
  • «Total Cardio Metabolic Total Risk» -2009,
  • «Endothelium, Atherothrombosis and Statins» -2010-,
  • «Hypertension. The Drama in Mexico»-2011-,
  • «Cardio-Lipidology»- 2012,
  • «Therapeutic Guide 2014. The A, B, C of the Cardiovascular Prevention»-2014 -,
  • «Cardio-Primary Prevention” -2015-,
  • “Inhibiting the PCSK9. The Era of Monoclonal Antibodies” -2016-,
  • Cardio Diabetology. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Cardiovascular Focus -1st edition 2019-, -2nd edition 2020- and 3rd edition 2022.

To complement this teaching activity with more than 65,000 books printed and distributed in Mexico and Latin America, Morales-Villegas is author of dozens of articles indexed and co-authors of invitation, as well as a guest lecturer at least for 100 national and international academic forums in the last five years.


An integrative perspective, Morales-Villegas participates as a consultant to numerous pharmaceutical companies with the philosophy that no one better for advice to them, to who carries out assistance, research and teaching in their daily lives.

With this short portrayal is clearly the evolution of Morales-Villegas of a «heroic» Cardiologist as he mentions it in one of his works, to a Cardiologist that practice the Primary Cardiovascular Prevention as the best strategy to realize the proposal of James Fries in 1980. «Is possible to compress the cardiovascular morbidity and mortality until the last moments of a person who dies at the age of 85 having been heart healthy».